EJ WIPS Designs' bracelets and bangles are as unique as you are. These bangles are handcrafted from various materials such as resin, brass, wood, and bone. These bangles will adorn your wrists for a long time to come due to the high quality of workmanship.

There are only one or two of each style: Buy today!

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Beaded Metal Bangle

$ 20 CAD

Metal bangle with black seed beads embedded in the front giving it a beautiful finished look.




Handcrafted Silver Bangle

$ 24 CAD

Handcrafted from old Ghanaian currency. This bangle is a piece of history and one of a kind.

Gun Metal Bangle

$ 30 CAD

Wire wrapped mesh-like bangle in gun metal black. A touch of glamour excellent for that night out.


Metal Bangle with Shell Flecks

$ 24 CAD

Metal bangles with imbedded shell flecks. The gold outline adds a touch of spohistication and glamour. Comes in blue and white.


Handcrafted Bone Bracelet

$ 20 CAD

A bracelet with the ability to stretch. Each component is handcrafted from bone and hand strung.



Handcrafted Bronze Bangle

$ 28 CAD

A lovely handcrafted bangle made from recycled Ghanaian currency. A lovely addition to anyone's collection.

Grapevine Charm Bracelet

$ 24 CAD

A handmade charm bracelet that makes a great evening piece. Materials: red stone, purple and black glass, and silver chain.

Gold and Bone Bangles

$ 24 CAD

The bone in these bracelets are surrounded by gold detail making them great to transition from day to night. Also great for layering with other bangles!

Assorted Bone and Resin Bangles

$ 24 CAD


From left to right:

Wooden brown and cream bangle

Wooden hand painted gold and black bangle

Resin brown and cream coloured bangle

Bone bangle with the ability to stretch.

Cow Horn Bangles

$ 25 CAD

Handcrafted cow horn bangles. Comes in a set of one large and one small bangle.

Men's African Bracelet

$ 18 CAD

Handmade shell beads with metal spacers makes this men's bracelet perfect for everyday wear.

Handmade Egyptian Bracelet

$ 30 CAD

Each link on these bracelets was individually crafted. A very elegant piece. Comes in black and orange. You can custom order specific colours.



Bone Bangle Set

$ 10 CAD

Three sets of bangles with bone and gold detail. Excellent for layering. Comes in a set of two. Available in black or white.


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