EJ WIPS Designs' necklaces are as unique as you are. Made by hand using various natural materials such as bone, wood, glass, and stone. EJ WIPS Designs ensures that thought and care is put into every necklace sold. These one-of-a-kind designs will ensure that you never see someone else wearing the same thing as you!

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Cleopatra Inspired Necklace: SOLD

$ 45 CAD

This large brass pendant dominates this Cleopatra-esque necklace which also boasts hand-painted resinand wooden beads.

Oprea Necklace

$ 40 CAD

Cream cloured shells, clear brown glass beads, and clear seed beads creates a rich and elegant look.


Multi-Strand Necklace

$ 30 CAD

This brown, triple strand necklace has circular glass beads and various natural coloured glass beads so you are able to mix and match with any outfit!


Antique Buddha Necklace

$ 29 CAD

Be at peace with this antique Budda pendant on gold chain. Measures: 25". 



Shell and seedbead necklace: SOLD

$ 20 CAD

Shell pendant on triple string seed beads, length:  18"

Ghanaian Necklace with Brass Pendant

$ 45 CAD

This is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind necklace with handcrafted stone and wood beads and a brass pendant with very fine details. An excellent addition to any collection and a piece of Ghanaian history.

Shell Necklace

$ 30 CAD

You will love this necklace with its round shell beads, colourful glass beads, and silver.


Triple Bone Necklace: SOLD

$ 30 CAD

Featuring black seed beads, blue patterned seed beads, and three toothshaped bone pendants.



Silverleaf Necklace

$ 29 CAD

This necklace is constructed with silver chain, and intricately etched silver pendant, Great for everyday use. Measures 15".


Heart shaped necklace: SOLD

$ 18 CAD

Double heart shaped shell with silver chain; Length:  12"

Grapevine Charm Necklace

$ 18 CAD

A silver necklace with black stone beads and seed beads. Measures 13.5" long.


Charm Necklace

$ 25 CAD

A beautiful antique chain necklace with forest inspired charms. Measures 15". Buy this for yourself or someone special.

Double Strand Resin and Gold Necklace

$ 35 CAD

Measuring 22", this necklace is crafted from gold chain and natural and cream coloured beads. It is finished off with a lovely off-centered clasp with the inscription "Life is Good".

Charm Necklace

$ 18 CAD

Made from wood, stone, and bone beads, this low key necklace can be worn every day. 

Gun Metal Pendant

$ 20 CAD

Flower pendant on silver chain; Length:  16"


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